Garage Additions Houston

The most obvious benefit of a garage addition is the extra storage. After all, when you own a home it is easy to accumulate many items.

A garage Adds value and extra space to your home

Aside from storing a car, your garage could be the perfect place to house your hobbies. If you love to tinker with small projects, fill the space with tools, workbenches, and shelves. If you’re someone who likes to relax on the weekend, use half of the space for a refrigerator, TV, and comfy chair — an awesome spot to watch the game and chill.

Garage Additions HoustonThere are many reasons for adding a garage to your property. It provides a safe and convenient shelter to store cars, ATVs, boats, bikes, lawn-care equipment, and tools — not to mention give you space to store holiday decorations and other household items. If your current home is garage-less, or is in desperate need of more storage and workspace, adding a garage can greatly increase your property value and boost your return on investment when you sell your home. Houses without a garage are much harder to sell.

Best Garage Additions in HoustonCovering a wall with storage consisting of quality cabinets and shelves will provide a huge amount of storage space without taking up much room. Not only will it provide storage for everything you need in the garage, but it will let you reduce the number of things that are inside the house. Plus, the extra storage space in your new garage might save you money by negating the need for a separate storage facility.

Attached garage - Garage Additions Houston
Types of garages

Attached garage.  When it’s dark, it’s raining, or the wind is blowing, there’s nothing more convenient than having an attached garage. You simply drive in, close the door behind you, and safely enter your home. An attached garage also makes it much easier to transport packages, groceries, or other items into your house.

Detached garage.  A freestanding garage presents fewer construction challenges plus you have the freedom to choose where to place it on your property. A detached garage also stops noises from disturbing your home’s peace, and eliminates all car and chemical fumes from drifting into the house.

Detached garage with breezeway.   This is the perfect option if you have a detached garage located near your home but want the convenience that comes with an attached garage. The breezeway creates a safe, climate-controlled space that is also a great place to stash your muddy boots, umbrella, or raincoat.

Features to consider

Insulation.  You may want to consider adding insulation — especially if you plan on spending hours in the garage. It makes sense to insulate the walls and ceiling because of the extreme heat in Houston.

Climate control.  The only way to really control the temp of your garage is by adding heating and air-conditioning. If your garage is attached to your home, adding conditioned air may be as simple as extending the vents of your existing HVAC out to the garage. If your garage is freestanding, you can both cool and heat the space with one window air-conditioning unit.

Electrical outlets.  Experts suggest two GFCI (waterproof) electrical outlets per garage wall — a total of six in a one-car garage — just like you would in your home. Also, installing a fire extinguisher is always a good idea.