Add a beautiful addition and keep your family in the home and neighborhood they love.


Research has shown that home additions, regardless of size or location, result in increased property value and typically bring homeowners a substantial return on their investment. 

Space is the most desirable quality of any home

When your home doesn’t offer enough space anymore, it can start to feel claustrophobic. And if that happens, your best option is always to add more. Most people who decide to build a home addition love their house and where they live – they just need more elbow space. Whether you’re a growing family or living a single lifestyle, you need enough room to relax, play, entertain, and enjoy. Building an addition is like designing a whole new home without the expense of buying a whole new house.

Create the home you’ve always wanted

What do you do when your house is too small, or lacks the vital amenities to meet the needs of your growing family? Are you expecting a new addition to your family and need a nursery? What about extra space for a kitchen island, pantry, or breakfast nook? Have you always dreamed of adding an extra bedroom to accommodate guests? If you started working from home, adding a home office will give you privacy and allow you to be more productive. And, you may want a larger bathroom to enjoy a hot bath and relax after a hard day.

If your family has expanded, an addition could give everyone a little more breathing room. Or, if you’re empty nesters, you might want to add that new master suite you’ve always dreamed of? A home addition can create new and exciting spaces that complement how you live your life today. Whether you’re planning a master suite addition, deluxe living room, spacious kitchen, or nearly any kind of expansion, Houston Home Remodeling Pros can help you add the vital space you are missing.

Build up or build out?
When it comes to adding a room to your home, you have the choice between building up or building out. There are a number of factors that will influence your decision on which way to go. If you’re adding a kitchen, building out is usually the way to go. If your yard space is limited, the obvious route is to go up. If you are building out, you will be giving up some of your outdoor space. Houston Home Remodeling Pros can help you decide which type of home addition will work best for you.

Second-story addition
If you’re interested in adding multiple rooms to your home, you may want to consider going up and adding a new-story. Second story additions can double your floor space, afford beautiful views, and get you the space you need without sacrificing any of your outdoor space. Expand your existing living room space, while adding a new bedroom, bathroom, game room, or your dream master suite.

Bump-Out Addition.  Not ready to add a full room? Bump-out additions extend out over the edge of your house to gain a bit more interior floor space. It’s typically a minimal expansion, but it can add just enough room for a walk-in kitchen pantry, a breakfast nook, a larger closet in the master suite, or even a small home office. A bump-out addition allows you to add on a small space without having to pay for new foundation work.

Add a garage
If your current home is garage-less or is in desperate need of a workspace, adding a garage can greatly increase its value. The garage addition can provide shelter for your cars and other vehicles, not to mention added space to store tools, holiday decorations, and other household items. This extra storage space might negate the need to rent or purchase a storage unit, saving you money. Garage additions can also increase the equity in your home and boost your return on investment when selling your property