Window Installation Houston

New windows save energy, help to provide consistent temperatures, improve your home’s curb appeal, and increase your security.


There is nothing quite like natural light streaming through your windows. Installing large windows in places like your living room, breakfast nook, bedroom, and bathroom provides additional lighting and creates beautiful architectural details.

New windows can save you money on utility bills

Energy Star - Window Replacement HoustonSaving money on your heating and cooling costs is easy if you know what changes to make around your house. Old, leaky windows can be a huge drain on heating and air costs. Replacing old windows with newer, energy-efficient ones can save you anywhere from $125 to $276 a year in heating and cooling costs in your Houston home, according to the government’s Energy Star® program.

New windows can add curb appeal and value to your home

Windows Installation Houston TXAn often overlooked benefit of replacement windows is curb appeal. New windows can do a lot to freshen your home’s appearance. The ever-increasing selection of window types, sizes, colors, hardware finishes, and styles allows you to match your windows to your home’s design. The continuity of your home’s architectural style can greatly influence the value of your home. Modern homebuyers look for lots of natural light. When putting your house on the market, upgraded windows may help you attract more potential buyers and get more money for your home.

Windows create the illusion of a larger space

Create Illusion of a Larger Space With Windows Installation HoustonMaking your house as light and airy as possible gives the appearance of more space. Have you ever walked into a room and had the feeling that it is both comfortable and inviting? You can’t figure out why, but you are drawn to that room. You will probably find that your sense of well-being stems from the natural light that floods into the room. Replacing older, smaller windows for modern, larger ones increases the light coming into your home and saves energy through better insulation. By bringing in the natural light and framing outdoor views, windows are key design elements that help your house feel more organic, both inside and out.


Skylights - Custom Windows HoustonSkylights are a unique and effective way to bring light into your home. Not only do they offer free lighting, but skylights are a great way to receive natural light without sacrificing any privacy. This is why skylights are an especially popular choice in bathrooms — a place where privacy and light are equally important. Skylights come in a variety of sizes and configurations and are one of the best ways to balance the amount of light in any room.