7 Features to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are often the first room of our house we visit when we wake up and the last we see before we go to bed. We should be able to use this space to luxuriate and unwind or prepare for the stresses of the day, but more often than not, we leave our bathrooms on the back burner.

If you want to reinvent this highly important room, and don’t want to leave it feeling lackluster, here are seven of the best features you should consider adding.

1. Expanding Windows To Let The Sun In

Sunlight is important in our lives. From gifting us with vitamin D that can help improve moods and mental health to giving us a healthy glow from just enjoying it: sunlight is something that can’t be replicated or forgotten. If we want our bathrooms to be a place of healing, it’s a good idea to enlarge the windows and let more sunlight in. Replacing smaller dirty windows with new low e vinyl windows, and hanging some loose, thin curtains when you need the windows covered, can make a bathroom feel ethereal.

2. Creating A Steam Room In Your Bathroom

Steam has many benefits. Not only is moisture in the air good for our lungs and airways, but it’s also incredible for our skin. A sauna can heat you and steam out any impurities and stress you may feel. The sweat that builds will allow for a shower after a good steaming session to feel incredible. Adding a steaming booth to your bathroom is a must-have for a new renovation.

3. Keeping The Bathroom Spa Vibes


Following the spa vibes that come from a steaming room, you should work to make your bathroom feel as spa-like as possible! This means split finish bathroom faucets for style, and deek sinks and bathtubs to allow for space to allow for you to sink into relaxation. Although many may have a hard time choosing between radiant heat vs baseboard heating, keeping your floors warm and soothing can also help with this sensation. No more cold floors in the morning!

4. Make Your Tub Into The Centerpiece



Nothing as key to relaxation as a wonderful bathtub. Lean into your fantasy, and get a tub that you’ll want to luxuriate in every single day. Whether it’s a large tub with jets or a beautiful faux-antique clawfoot tub, put it on display! People hunt and scrounge to find homes for sale that have great tubs. If you get one, it’s okay to show it off!

5. Use Tile To Tell Your Story

Tile is one of the oldest building materials: and for a good reason. Not only is it resilient, but it’s also absolutely beautiful. Instead of going for simple decor, use the colors and shapes of the tile to show off your personality. You can also use these colors to evoke certain moods, like a pale green for tranquility and a soft blue for comfort. Ada grab bars can be helpful if you’re nervous about slipping, but that could happen on any surface, even faux hardwood flooring. Ensure that you buy cute rugs to keep at the foot of your tub, shower, and sink.

6. Leaning Into A Shape or Color Theme



If you want your bathroom to be stylish, don’t be afraid to lean into a color or shape theme. When you find a design you love, you can base your entire bathroom around it. For example, a sharp-edged tub can be beautifully complemented with some modern angular sinks to go with it. Likewise, if you love a certain color, like green, don’t be afraid to do it all with varying shades of the same hue of green. Just ensure that the colors play well together, so it doesn’t crash.

7. Don’t Fear Heating Things Up

Many don’t realize they want this until they see it: but fireplaces in the bathroom are becoming wildly popular. This design trend allows for a touch of opulence while not leaning too hard into it. You can enjoy a long soothing bath with a book while the nearby fireplace crackles away. Although this can take up a little bit of space, depending on the type of fireplace you’re interested in, this design detail is unparalleled when it comes to bringing your bathroom to a higher level.

Your Bathroom Should Be More Than An Afterthought




Every bathroom should be a space where people want to unwind and relax. There’s no reason to hold back if you have space and budget for it. Instead, create a paradise where you can steam away any impurities, luxuriate in a warm and large bath, or even shower underwater that feels like it’s raining down on you instead of being jetted through.

Your bathroom can be whatever fantasy you want it to be: ensure that it suits what makes you happy.


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