Why You Should Work With an Interior Designer When Building a Commercial Office Space

Interior designers understand what’s needed to pull themselves ahead of the competition. Businesses put so much work into hiring and training fantastic employees, ensuring that their products are top-notch, and making themselves into a company their clients and suppliers want to do business with: this shouldn’t stop here!

Interior design has the ability to change how we feel about a company simply through color usage and the shape of the furniture used. Pushing it further, designers can create spaces that look incredible and are extremely practical to use.

Here’s how.

Encourages Productivity

A well-designed space is nice to look at, of course, but design can be used to create extremely functional areas. For example, a great interior designer can help pick out acoustic ceiling panels with a good NRC rating that will dampen the sound of the office while still looking beautiful. This takes away distractions and allows employees to feel comfortable while they’re working.

Taking it further, they can diminish the light glare, ensure that there’s a clear and smooth floor plan, and offer tips in other ways to make the space more workable. These are all great because they provide your business the chance to set its employees out on the right footing so the entire company can succeed.

Attracts and Retains the Employees You Want

An attractive layout and interior are going to attract good employees and retain those that you love. When a company puts work into how it looks, especially in spaces only for employees, it shows that it cares about what its employees want. This is an indirect investment in your results since offices with scenic views or beautiful office layouts often turn out better work from employees.

A highly updated and aesthetically pleasing office will also intrigue those coming for interviews into viewing the company as something exciting that they have to earn. Of course, we should always show that we value our employees, but allowing them to see the value in the company they’re working for is fantastic as well. 


Solidifies Your Brand

What’s your company’s brand? When a customer thinks of your business, what are the first few words that come to mind? What about when your employees think of the company? If you want to create a business that people will call innovative and forward-thinking, you have to show that you hold those ideals close to your heart.

This matters in every business, from autobody garages to corporate headquarters. Updating stained concrete floors, or putting in the time to replace older office furniture, keeps your business looking young and well maintained. This matters because it allows people to attach value to your brand’s name and see it as cutting edge.

Helps With Functionality In Many Ways

Aesthetics aren’t just for looks! For example, when’s the last time the package lockers were updated in your company? Or the last time the bathrooms were updated? These shifts can be nice because they allow for spaces to become more functional while also encouraging employees to feel comfortable and at home in these spaces.

Boosts the Safety and Accessibility of the Building

To allow anyone into the building equally, buildings need to focus on creating a space that anyone can easily use. This includes handrails, safe ramps for wheelchairs, or bathrooms that can accommodate someone of any ability. 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a beautiful architectural facade, but it should be made in a way that allows it to be used by anyone who needs to use it. So, for example, an interior designer can show ways to highlight safety exits, as well as how much breadth of space someone with mobility needs will require to get through an office.

Allows A More Professional Look for Clients

There’s no need to roll out the red carpet and pop champagne for every client, but showing them how seriously you take the business through your office space matters. You can create an office that shows your business is cutting edge and ready to do the work they need, and this can woo them into paying higher rates or working with you more. This includes emphasizing great board and meeting rooms and ensuring that everything from the receptionist’s office to the break room is in fantastic shape.

Interior Design Isn’t Just for Aesthetics

There’s more to commercial office interior design than just its looks! You can create gorgeously functional spaces while also ensuring that it’s made to last and show your company’s personality. Interior design is for everyone, so don’t allow your business to shy away from it!



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