The Importance of Staining and Cleaning Your Deck Regularly

More people are looking for outdoor spaces, and one of the best ways to add that is by building a gorgeous deck on your property. If you don’t maintain a deck well, you could quickly see it break down and rot within a few years.

These are the top reasons why maintaining your deck matters and how to avoid mold and rot that seem to love wood.

Adding Visual Appeal

Visual appeal is one of the most important parts of any property, especially if you’re listing it for sale. Not only will visual appeal make more buyers want to look inside your home, but it also helps them visualize their future in this property.

A clean and freshly stained deck looks fresh, welcoming, and moderately expensive. This can increase your property’s value by at least 85% of the price of installing the deck and is worth the work.

Stopping the Freeze-Thaw Cycle

Water is one of the most corrosive substances on Earth simply because of how easy it is for it to break down wood, stone, and any other material. Throughout the seasons, your property will deal with water in nearly every form.

The freeze-thaw cycle is dangerous because it allows water to seep into your wood and then quickly expand when it’s freezing. This can cause huge cracks and issues with your wood, making it more likely to fall apart and weaker against any other elements.

Ensures No Mold or Rot Starts

Mold and rot are insidious and will get into untreated wood in any way they can. This can soften the wood, making it weak and unable to support any weight. Well-sealed cedar decking boards are safe from mold and rot and are sealed off from the elements. This means they can last years without any trouble while still looking fresh and attractive.

Getting rid of mold or rot also keeps up the value of the deck. If your deck is in disrepair or looks rough, it can drop the value of your entire property.

Stops Slippery or Slick Surfaces

Slippery and slick surfaces can be dangerous in any environment, but it’s especially bad in an area like a deck where you’re higher off the ground and the wood beneath you is hard. Unless you have good welded wire deck railing, slick wood planks can lead to slips and falling down stairs, or sliding across the deck itself.

If someone who doesn’t live in your home falls, this could lead to a lawsuit that could ruin you financially. Instead of dealing with any of that, it’s a better idea to take the time and clean the wood and use the best polyurethane for decks that you can find.

Lets the Deck Last More Years

Nobody wants to pour in the thousands it costs to build a deck only for it to last less than three years. The average deck needs to be treated and sealed every one to two years, depending on where you live, if it’s near a pool, and how heavily it’s used. Investing in all of this, only to have to replace it again a couple of years later, is far too expensive.

When building your deck, whether it’s in your yard or it’s a roof decking system, make sure you have maintenance in mind.

Saves Money On Maintenance

If your deck is falling apart often, you’ll have to call a professional to come out and do repairs on it. This isn’t fun for anyone involved. Save yourself time, money, and stress, and invest in proper care.

Simply maintaining your deck by keeping it clear of debris, washing it down a couple of times in the summer and spring, and resealing it when it’s needed, is enough to make it last for over a decade.

This will save you a lot of money, rather than having to rebuild or repair your deck frequently.

Other Areas to Clean Besides the Wood

The wood of your deck isn’t the only part of it that needs attention! Take the time to check on the metal portions, from the railing to nails and screws, and make sure everything looks shipshape.

Checking the health of your deck doesn’t take long and should be done at least once every season. If you notice it’s creaking extra, or leaning in a way it shouldn’t, avoid walking on it or using your deck until you’ve had it looked at. It’s better to be safe and have it checked out than to have it collapse under you and your loved ones.

Your Deck Should Last As Long As It’s Needed

Whether you’re planning on using this space for recreational fun with family or to entertain on the weekends, your deck needs to be able to handle anything. Keep up with maintaining it, and your deck will last as long as you need it to.

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