Designer Ideas For Your Home Renovation

Home renovations are on the minds of most people right now, but you should take it beyond just a remodel! Design matters and can change everything about how you experience a space. 

These are some of the top design ideas for your next home renovation!

Create a Home Theater Experience

Home theaters are becoming one of the best ways to entertain and feel like you’re having a great night at the theater without having to worry about staying off your phone or wondering how many people have sat in the same chair before.

When building a home theater, it’s a good idea to go for acoustic panels so you can be as loud as you want and also enjoy your movie without any outside noise making its way into the room. Go for a dark room, with no windows or with windows you can cover with thick curtains, and get some of the most comfortable seating you can find!

Update the Details Throughout

Details can shift the look of an entire room while still seemingly blending into the invisible. The best pieces to update are items like light plates, outlets, door knobs, the hardware on cabinets, light fixtures, and other small things like these. 

Although they’re small parts of your home, by redoing them, you’re able to elevate the look of the entire property. This can also help solidify any design look you’re going for.

Make sure that the color of any metal on these matches throughout each space or room. Although you can switch it up between separated areas, it’s generally a good idea for any details that are close together to match and go well together. You can also make sure the finish, stain, or paint color matches anything that calls for these.

Color Can Elevate Any Space

Color is an incredibly important tool to use throughout your home! Thankfully, you can get the most out of it while renovating without having to completely replace everything. One of the best ways to do this is to replace the stain on wood or repaint surfaces.

If you want a fresh look in your kitchen but don’t have the two to five thousand dollars it costs to replace your cabinets, you can still do it! By painting them and possibly replacing or adding hardware, you can make your cabinets into something inspiring.

The top colors for kitchens right now are muted greens, white, and natural wood tones.  Consider going with one of these!

Add Fun Visual Interest

Visual intrigue can take a space from feeling basic to looking professionally designed and incredible. You don’t have to have murals throughout your home; instead, consider adding simple things like interest walls. A white shiplap wall can bring a lot of texture and eye-catching design to a space that would otherwise look plain and boring.

When you’re adding visual interest, make sure it works well with the rest of your room. You don’t want to overwhelm a space with a pattern or use a color that’s painfully bright and hard to look at. Consider what works and what you’ll look forward to seeing as long as you live in the home. 

Pay Attention to Shapes

Shape is an important tool that can bring a space together without people realizing what’s happening. For most people, a couch’s shape next to a coffee table doesn’t matter, but it can completely change how people view the room.

Consider what feeling you want a space to have. Do you want a living room where people will want to curl up and be cozy watching movies and reading? More round shapes and softer textures can carry this through. The same works if you’re going for a more severe look, you should go for more flat straight angles with minimal color.

Everyone’s home design depends on personal taste and what image you’re trying to carry across. If you’re staging your home to sell it: consider what the future buyer would want to see.

Focus on Comfortable Lighting

Many people want their homes to make an immediate impact and know that light is one of the fastest ways to do that. Thanks to smart bulbs, you can set your lights on timers, have them change color, and still be more energy efficient than the classic bulbs were: but there is a limit.

Throughout your home, make sure that the regular everyday color of your bulbs is a warmer tone. Don’t get bulbs that put out full daylight bright white lighting. This can lead to headaches and can ruin the circadian rhythm of some people.

Use light to frame the details you want to show off and to brighten spots of your home where you want people to gather, but avoid the strain that white and pale blue bulbs can bring.

Every Home Can Be a Designer’s Dream

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It’s no surprise that design can change everything about how a home is perceived, but many people don’t get everything out of it that they can. Get reactive and create a home that you’ll love and that comes with a higher value.

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