7 Types of Buildings to Consider for Your Property

When many consider building onto their property, some assume that this could mean that they’re adding onto their current home: but there’s more to it than that. You can make a property into anything you want with some know-how and a good contractor.

Here are the top buildings you can add onto nearly any property, as long as you have the space and zoning for them.

1. Storage Shed

A storage shed is the most common type of building added onto a property, but they’re usually low quality. These sheds are often small, not well made, and start degrading within ten to twenty years. It would be best if you created something that lasts. Treat this as a home, and either go for making it with the framing of a house in mind to ensure that it stands up to the time or with solid enough materials that it’s guaranteed to last. You’re trusting this shed with your belongings; ensure that it will take care of them.

2. Workshop

A nice workshop is one of the things most homeowners would love to add to their properties. This space can be used to fix broken chairs or furniture, complete creative projects, or even build things and stain them to sell. Of course, the right workshop can be outfitted to do anything from stained glass making to chainsaw art: but you have to plan and work with an end goal in mind.


3. Greenhouse

Most tomatoes in the USA are grown by individuals within their homes and gardens. Many fruits and vegetables are unfortunately sensitive to temperature and weather fluctuations, which means a thriving garden one day, maybe mulch the next. Building a greenhouse can add beauty to your yard and give you the chance to grow food without worrying about what animals will get to them and if a surprise frost will kill them. These are a fantastic addition to any property.

4. Inlaw Suite

An inlaw suite is a great addition to your property if you have an aging relative who needs a space of their own. This can also be used for older teens and college kids who want a space of their own but can’t afford an apartment or house. Although this can be expensive to add on, it does add a lot of value to your property.

If you don’t have any family that needs it, you can treat this smaller building as a rental unit. A one or two-bedroom inlaw suite with a kitchenette can bring in eight hundred to a thousand dollars a month in some cities, which means you can quickly recover your costs for it and make it into a space that turns a profit.

5. Pool Hut

Not every home has a pool, but those who do know that they have to sacrifice a lot of office space to ensure it is well maintained and clean. This can be a lot of trouble and take away from how exciting it is to have a pool. If you’re in this predicament, consider building a small pool hut.

This should include storage for the pool’s maintenance, storage for things like towels and pool floats, and a small full bathroom so that people can shower before or after they get in the pool and use the bathroom if need be, without having to go in and out of the house soaking wet. Anyone who owns a pool can instantly see the utility in a space like this. If you wanted to take it a step further, you could have it open on one side and create a small poolside bar complete with a mini-fridge and sink.

6. Detached Garage

This can be a major annoyance if your home doesn’t have a garage and has a carport or nothing at all. Creating a steel building detached garage can ensure you have a space to park your vehicle safely while also giving you storage options for lawn care. Of course, an attached garage would be nice, but keeping it detached means you can upgrade it in size or color whenever you want.

7. Rental Space

Although you can turn an inlaw suite into a rental, there are other fun ways to make rental spaces besides that. A small barndominium can be an exciting addition to any large plot of land and is easy to create if there’s already an out of use barn on the property. These are trendy and visually interesting, ensuring that you can turn an income from it by renting it out on a regular lease or as a nightly Airbnb.

Your Property Can Be Anything You Want

Whether you love gardening and want to capitalize on that with a greenhouse or a pool hut is what’s calling to you: make your property into the space you want it to be. As long as you follow zoning laws, you can add any of these and increase the value of your home.