Why is Hiring a General Contractor for a Kitchen Remodel Better Than Using a Cabinet Company?

Remodeling a kitchen is probably the ultimate home improvement project. It may not involve as much square footage as turning a garage into a recreation room, but remodeling a kitchen will involve every element of the construction process as when building a new home. 

A carpenter may be able to read a measuring tape, but it is doubtful that he is an experienced electrician or plumber.

The Kitchen is the Queen of Remodeling Projects

Most folks aren’t remodeling the kitchen to get a new faucet or countertop. The kitchen layout that was a part of the original home worked when the home was purchased, but family situations change, and with that change often comes the need to make the kitchen more accommodating. 

Making sure the changes that are needed can be done according to code and ensuring that all the interfacing connections will work together requires someone with a broad range of construction experiences.

Who Will Make Sure the Vision for the New Kitchen Works?


The kitchen cabinet supplier does a wonderful job of laying out the cabinets in the best arrangement for a particular space. But that assumes that the diagram they have to work with is complete and correct. Someone will need to be involved from the very beginning to ensure the dream kitchen can be built according to the homeowner’s desires.

The Biggest Part of the Kitchen Remodel is the Cabinets – Right?

That may be true if the project is judged by the number of separate boxes hauled into the home when construction begins. If the difficulty of the project is based on that criteria, then one might be tempted to think that the cabinet company should be in charge of the kitchen remodel. After all, they specialize in cabinetry.x

However, while the cabinetry may be the biggest visual in a remodeled kitchen, it is by far the least complicated part of the project. By the time the cabinets are brought in for installation, the required plumbing and electrical, carpentry, drywall and painting have been roughed in or in some cases, finished.

The Advantage of Using a General Contractor (GC)

  • A GC will be involved in the project from the very beginning. He or she will: 
  • Help with the overall design process to make sure it works
  • Develop a timeline for the work that the homeowner can follow
  • Obtain all permits required by the local authorities
  • Hire the appropriate trades to accomplish the work
  • Oversee the entire remodeling process (including the work of the cabinet company)
  • Ensuring that safe work practices are being adhered to while construction is on-going so that both the working crews and family members are protected
  • Perform a final site clean up and deliver an approved remodel

Is Saving Money Important? Why the Cabinet Supplier May Not Care

Thinking about all the products and services that may go into a kitchen remodel, the cabinets represent only a part of the overall project. The company selling the cabinets has a vested interest in closing the sale and may or may not have the homeowner’s long-term interests in mind. For instance, which is better: plywood kitchen cabinets or MDF (particleboard) cabinets? The recommendations by a cabinet supplier will be based on what they regularly sell – whether that makes the best long-term sense or not.

What about the countertops? Does the cabinet supplier use installers that have a preference for roll-form countertops or granite?  What if the homeowners have their hearts set on quartz countertops? Will the cabinet shop have the best price and availability on that product?

The General Contractor will select suppliers based on the budget and needs of the project – and that includes selecting material providers for every part of the project. The GC’s vested interest is in pleasing the homeowner.

Choosing a General Contractor is the Best Decision

A cabinet supplier is an important provider of materials and labor in remodeling a kitchen. However, a General Contractor has the experience and know-how to make sure that every element of the project, including the cabinets, comes together in the end. To be successful, a kitchen remodel is built per customer’s specifications, delivered on-time and on-budget. A General Contractor is the wise choice for a kitchen remodel.


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