4 Trending Building Materials and Styles for New Construction Homes

New construction homes have the added benefit of being able to use trending building materials and styles as opposed to having to remodel an older home to update them. Let’s take a look at some of the trending building materials and styles for new construction homes. 

1. Shutters

Shutters are making a comeback. Shutters were first used when modern farm houses became popular in order to give them that rustic feel. However, now people are using them in all different styles of new construction homes and with good reason– there are a ton of benefits! Can I Remodel My Specific Property?

Benefits of Shutters

There are several benefits to exterior shutters, including:

  • Protection from the elements: If you know that a bad storm is coming in or a hurricane, shutters can shield your windows from any flying debris.
  • Light control: Open them when you want more light, and close them when you want to watch that movie in complete darkness. It is that easy!
  • Additional privacy: Do you have noisy neighbors? Shutters are a way to ensure privacy in your own home.
  • Thermal insulation: During the winter, heating the house can get expensive especially if you opt for a single-pane window. Shutters can help provide an extra layer of thermal insulation.
  • Noise Reduction: If you live near a busy street, the noise can get unbearable while you are trying to sleep. Closed shutters can help shield you from the noise by providing a barrier.
  • Energy-efficiency: Since we have established that they can act as thermal insulation, that means that they can also improve energy efficiency. Shutters can help keep the cold air in during the summer and warm air out during the winter.
  • Curb Appeal: Shutters add amazing detail to the outsides of homes and increase the curb appeal to buyers in the future or just for you to look at when you come home.
  • Customization Options: There are tons of shutter options to fit any style!

Types of Shutters

As we mentioned above, there are tons of shutter options, no matter your style. Types of shutters include:

  • Raised Panel
  • Louvered
  • Board and Batten
  • Bahama

Each of these can be customized using different hardware, paint colors, and sizes.

2. Windows

Windows contribute a lot to the look of a home and energy efficiency. One of the biggest trends in new construction homes right now is double-hung vinyl windows

Double Hung Vinyl Windows

Double-hung vinyl windows are windows that open both up and down and out and in. They have become ultra-popular due to their many benefits. 

Benefits of Double Hung Vinyl Windows

Double-hung windows are well-loved for their extensive benefits including: 

  • Ease of Cleaning: Since the window opens both ways, you can clean the interior and exterior of the window from the inside making cleaning much easier, especially for hard-to-reach windows like those on the second floor.
  • Energy Efficiency: Double-hung vinyl windows are built to be energy efficient saving you money down the road on your electric bill.
  • Window A/C Units: When you are building a new construction home, you might not be thinking much about window A/C units as you are probably installing central A/C. However, in the future, if you ever have trouble with the main unit or if a storm knocks out your power, double-hung vinyl windows make it much easier to install a temporary window A/C unit. 
  • Customization: When you are building a new construction home, you want things exactly to your specifications. Double-hung vinyl windows make this much easier by coming in several options of sizes and colors. 
  • Airflow: You know those days when the weather is beautiful and you just want to let the fresh air in? Since double-hung windows open both ways, you can really let the airflow in. 
3. Interior Doors

Interior doors are often overlooked in new construction homes, but they can really add to the style and be a nice detail.

Types of Interior Doors for Homes

There are various types of interior doors you can install in your new construction home including:

  • Flush Doors
  • Panel Doors
  • Glass Doors
  • French Doors
  • Double Doors
  • Pocket Doors
  • Bi-fold Doors
  • Bypass Doors
  • Accordion Doors

Though you can research these options individually, each of them has its own benefits, cost, and best-uses.

Selecting an Interior Door for Your Home

Though there may be an overwhelming amount of options for interior door options. Here are some factors to consider when selecting interior doors for your home.

  • Budget: There are a lot of doors on the interior of a home and it can add up, so always consider your budget.
  • Spacing: Do you need a door that takes up little space, or is a standard opening available for the area?
  • Materials: If you have children or pets or are looking for a specific style, you might opt for different materials based on your situation.
  • Privacy: Of course, doors are meant as a divider and to maintain privacy, meaning that a glass door to the bathroom might not always be the best option.
  • Style: Certain doors lend themselves to various styles better than others so consider how they go with the vision that you have in mind.

4. Insulation

When building a new construction home, insulation is a decision most homeowners leave to the builder, but there is one aspect you should consider requesting.

Flat Roof Insulation

Consider requesting flat roof insulation. Flat roof insulation as opposed to insulating it in the standard vaulted fashion can improve the sound acoustics and energy efficiency of the home. Flat roof insulation gives a barrier right on the other side of the ceiling allowing for sound to not echo as easily. Additionally, having that barrier there will help keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Talk To A Contractor

If you love some of these ideas for your new construction home. Contact us to make these visions come to life. 


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